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Support Groups

At The Gathering Place we offer individuals to connect with other peers as well as offer support groups.  Individuals can attend support groups one of two ways.  Either virtually or in person our unique format gives individuals the choice. 

Our Support Groups

The Gathering Place Support Group Program consists of a daily confidential support groups.  We have partnered with to provide the highest quality confidential meetings.  Individuals are able to join using their smart devices using the zoom app, you are also able to call in to  (301)715-8592 and enter the meeting id when prompted.  We are now allowing individuals to join us in person.  Please call for availability as we can only allow up to ten consumers in the building at one time.


With the understanding of emotions individuals are able to better identify how they are feeling.  This gives individuals more tools in their recovery. 

Monday Support Group is held at 1pm Mondays.

Meeting ID# 818 3841 9372 or Click Here 


Connecting Paths focuses on connecting with your peers.  With the connection comes sharing ones story.  Using a peers story and taking these experiences and integrating them enhances ones own  recovery. 

  This support group is held Tuesdays and is hosted by one of our Peer Specialist.  Support group meets Tuesdays at 1pm.  

Meeting ID# 818 3841 9372 or Click Here


Our Journey in recovery focuses on each one of us developing our own path.  We are our own specialist in knowing what and what does not work for us.  This group allows individuals to share their struggles, tribulations and success to help others in their own journey.

This group meets Wednesdays at 1pm

Meeting ID# 818 3841 9272 or Click Here


Hope-filled Optimistic Perspectives Everyday.  Hope Skills Seminar focuses on our intrinsic motivation through self-discovery of our values, self-care and esteem, communication skills, goals/dreams, gratitude, strengths and creativity.  

Group Meets Thursdays at 1pm.

Meeting ID# 818 3841 9372 or Click Here

Finding Initiative

Do you struggle finding motivation in your recovery?  In this group we touch on topics that help individuals find ways to cope with low motivation.  Group meets Fridays with our Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist Dave at 1pm Fridays.

Meeting ID# 818 3841 9372 or Click Here


SMART Recovery is for Individuals with Addictions.  SMART recovery is a abstinence based addiction program where individuals learn skills that enhance the recovery process. 

This meeting is held every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm     

Meeting ID# 871 0101 2115 or Click Here



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